Well disinfection procedure

A water pumping system not taken care of properly can break down prematurely, especially if the water contains a lot of minerals. You can find in our store the recommended product to disinfect the well: calcium hypochlorite granules, or we can take care of your maintenance if you need it.

Warning: Please read instructions completely before starting

BEFORE you start: If you have a water softener, turn it off (Put the valves in BYPASS MODE), OTHERWISE it COULD permanently DAMAGE THE SYSTEM.  also, turn OFF the HOT WATER TANK BREAKER. If you have a cartridge filter, remove the cartridge. After the treatment, put it back in or replace it if necessary. By disinfecting each year, the cleaning action of the “Well Sanitizer” will get rid of the dirt and rust contained in the well and in the house plumbing. It would be preferable to store some water before beginning the treatment. During treatment, water is improper for domestic use and is undrinkable.


Pour a cup of “Well Sanitizer” per 100 feet deep. Example: 200 foot well = 2 cups. Water could be colored during the treatment. You will notice that the product has a strong smell of chlorine.


Open the well cap and insert a garden hose inside the well. Have water circulate inside the well during at least 4 hours. Once the cycle has begun, go inside the house and open all the cold water taps, one by one and let them flow until you notice the chlorine smell. Then close them. Do the same thing with all the hot water taps, ending with dishwasher and washing machine. The water tap screens might become blocked during the procedure, even the ones in the washing machine. If you notice a pressure reduction, just remove the screens and clean them.


Let stand for 4 to 8 hours to properly sanitize the well and the house plumbing.


After this delay, let the water run from the garden hose until the smell of chlorine had decreased and until the water runs clear. Let the water flow far from the well and the septic tank so the water can’t infiltrate into them. Be careful not to empty the well: For a low debit well or for the ones that are difficult to rinse, you can let the water run alternately, one hour outside the well and one hour inside the well until the smell of chlorine had decreased and until the water runs clear.


Open all the interior taps, one by one, beginning with cold water and then hot water.


Put the hot water tank breaker back on. Put the water treatment back in service if applicable.


To be assured of a good result of your disinfection, be sure to obtain a bacteriological analysis kit available at Pompes Traitements d’eau Bernier Inc. It is important to wait 2 weeks between the complete disappearance of the chlorine smell and the water analysis.

NOTICE: The above instructions are supplied for your information only. We are not responsible for any damage or inconveniences related to the above operation. For more security, our technicians can assist you at home, at our regular hourly rate.

Calcium hypochlorite granules

Calcium hypochlorite granules