Surface wells

Some constraints may make it impossible to drill an artesian well. For example, the terrain could be very rocky, the area could have too much clay, or the area is considered problematic. In these cases, we then resort to surface wells.

Surface well before rehabilitation

Work in progress

Surface well after rehabilitation

Your water quality

Because surface wells are not as deep and are therefore closer to ground level, there is a higher risk of contamination. Our team will then recommend a water purification system in order to ensure good water quality at all times! We have everything you need to treat your water: from ultraviolet lamps to osmosis, we will certainly have any equipment required in our store so that the water you use is safe and poses no risk to your health.


Surface wells have changed greatly since the beginning of the century. There is now a very specific process to be regulated. Many make non-compliant surface wells and do not have a permit. You should know that surface wells are subject to the same regulations as artesian wells in terms of water testing and the specific materials used.

To ensure compliance, do business with our team of experts to ensure that a qualified professional digs your surface well. It’s a long-term investment because a non-compliant well has little value.

Many things can affect the price of a surface well, such as the well’s depth, our ability to access the well with our equipment, etc.

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