Additional accessories

Pressure gauge:

A pressure gauge is an instrument used to measure the pressure of a fluid. Also, this measurement tool is essential to any hydraulic installation such as water collection systems, since it allows the owners of the pumping device to have a permanent control of the pressure of its instantaneous system. Water treatment pumps Bernier advise you to always accompany your pumping system with a manometer to facilitate the reading of pressure data.


The slider is a connecting pieces from the well to the supply pipe. This part greatly facilitates the repair of pumping and well systems as the pumping system is accessible through the well cover to the outside. The well is more visible, which brings greater ease of maintenance, such as sterilization (recommended every year). The slide also allows a better catch of the area for the well.

Valve and Antifreeze Valve
Pompes Traitements d’eau Bernier Inc. advise you on the installation of this product to value the protection of your installations in cold season. This frost-free system allows you to feed outdoors despite the cold, so the faucet can be used outdoors in winter for various functions and tasks such as watering an ice rink. The biggest advantage of the valve / antifreeze valve is when sterilizing the well, the water undergoing sterilization will be discharged directly to the outside. Thus, the pipes of the house will have a residual presence of sterilization products. Also, since the valve is installed directly at the well, there are usually more pressure and flow on the valve than on the outdoor faucets connected to the residence. Finally, if you have filtration equipment, the use of the outdoor antifreeze valve will not result in the safe use of your water treatment systems, since the water used, comes directly from the well. For example, using the outside antifreeze valve is useful for filling a pool, watering the garden and flat strip.


There are 4 fleet models commonly used in the field of drinking water, be: 13-amp fleet, 15-amp fleet, control or injection fleet.

All of the additional accessories we use and sell have been carefully selected for your satisfaction. These quality accessories will meet your needs and provide the best value for money.

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