Hammer drill cleaning

It is recommended to clean your well with a hammer drill equipped with a brush every 15-20 years.

This process involves brushing the walls of your well and then removing the dirt and sediment from the bottom of the well (mud, earth, mud, clay) . It provides spectacular results, improves your water quality and increases the water supply.

For wells with inadequate space to be accessed with the drill, our team has developed a cleaning method using modified machinery that gives the same excellent results.

Example of an artesian well before cleaning

Cable machine

Cleaning – After

Cleaning – After

Many factors affect the price of hammer drill cleaning, including the well’s depth, its accessibility, the kind of residue, how tough the dirt is to remove, scaling, etc. As a general rule, this cleaning costs between $1500 and $2000.

The team at Roch Bernier Group specializes in well cleaning in order to restore optimum performance.