Blasting is another solution that improves your well’s output. Very similar to hydraulic fracturing, blasting is recommended when your situation has certain specific challenges.

Three reasons to use blasting

First of all, if you have already done hydraulic fracturing and it proved to be ineffective, blasting can be the right solution for your well. Rather than unblocking the current fissures supplying water to your well, blasting will create new fissures in the bedrock, which will create a new path for water to flow and supply your well.

Secondly, considering the equipment required for hydraulic fracturing, it might be difficult to do so on your land. Blasting is therefore an alternative solution than can provide similar results.

Thirdly, our team will do blasting when your well’s bedrock is too soft. In this case, a combination of both techniques will return your existing well to its optimal performance.

Like hydraulic fracturing, it is impossible to accurately estimate the cost of blasting. Access to the well, its depth and its overall condition will influence this figure.

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