Repair and rehabilitation

If your well becomes problematic and you are considering replacing it, it may be advantageous to try to repair or rehabilitate

« The Roch Bernier Group enjoys a solid reputation in terms of repairing existing wells. »
― Roch Bernier

An accurate assessment

Before work begins, an experienced technician must check to ensure that it’s indeed the well causing the issue and not a part of the system. We are one of the rare companies in the region equipped with a submersible camera, which helps us find the source of the problem more quickly.

Based on your situation, there are many things you can do if you decide to keep the existing well. This includes re-deepening the well, rehabilitating it, doing hydraulic fracturing or blasting.

Our team knows other more common solutions, such as gravel packing, cementing it, re-developing it, etc. Hammer drill cleaning (link to 2.1) can also help you if you have a problem with water flow.