Re-deepening your well

When you lack water or your water pressure is problematic, re-deepening may be the solution.

By re-deepening your existing well, there will be many savings such as the costs of excavation, accessories and labour. Also, the pipes, wiring and all the existing feet of drilled well can save you thousands of dollars.


You have a well and up until recently, it was able to supply ample water without you ever being a victim of “dry plumbing”. However, water consumption in your home has considerably increased. Therefore, re-deepening your well might resolve your lack of water.

Our team recommends this solution as it costs less while meeting the customer’s need!

Any difference in price is reflective of the uniqueness of your situation. For example, access to your current well and its depth may influence the cost.

Our team has unparalleled expertise for this meticulous task.