Cleaning and maintenance

Your well is over 15 years old?

If your artesian or surface well was built 15 years ago or more, there’s a good chance it needs maintenance!

Did you know that besides sterilizing your well every year, it is strongly recommended to deep clean and brush your well with a percussion drill equipped ?

Over time, water naturally containing metals, minerals and limestone can leave deposits and residues on the walls of your well, the water inlet and the pump. These deposits are an excellent place for bacteria to grow. The result is reduced flow and reduced water quality!

« Contrary to popular belief, your well water is not naturally drinkable and safe. »
― Roch Bernier

Pompes Traitements d’eau Bernier specializes in well cleaning in order to restore your well to its optimal performance!

Maintaining your well ensures best performance and superior water quality for many years to come.

Our top five maintenance tips

  1. Sterilize your well once per year
  2. Test your well regularly
  3. Clean and check your water treatment equipment every year
  4. Clean your well with a hammer drill equipped with a brush
  5. Ensure your well cap is properly sealed

Take advantage of our team’s expertise and professionalism for your maintenance needs.