Heating Cables

There are various types of heating cable for wells. Among others, on more cables pyrotenax, heron easy heat cable and self-regulating on the market. Each type of special features and benefits. It will allow the well water supply duct not to freeze in cold weather.

Pyrotenax or Winter Gard type cable

– Rigid easy to file

– Good shelf life, at least 20 years.

-A 115-volt cable can be boosted to 220 volts in case of freezing.

Self-regulating heating cable:

-Duration of life of 15 to 20 years.

– Rigid easy to file

– Heats up where needed

– Cut according to the required length

– The 5 watts at the foot can thaw the pipe.


Note: Self-regulating does not mean that in hot weather the cable will stop heating, it will instead heat up more when it is too cold.