Our team installs pumps for any type of water capturing system.

Thanks to our many years of hard work, we can quickly determine what equipment is required based on your specific needs. Because of this, we will also save time and save you money!

Complete service in 3 steps:

  1. Sales and repair service at the shop or in your home
  2. Expert advice to determine your needs
  3. Pump installation


Submersible pumps

Our line of 4” stainless steel submersible pumps is designed with such precision that they will provide you efficient, reliable service. In addition, they will provide many years of service, even when the water is abrasive (sandy).

Our team can install submersible pumps.

Pump sumersible Franklin electric

Centrifugal Pump

If the surface well is located near the home, this pump provides a low-cost solution to homeowners

Lake pumps

You can install a pump to draw water from a lake. However, you must apply to the municipality and follow special techniques to avoid affecting the water source. Many things must be taken into consideration when you want to pump water from a lake.

Our team considers three things:

  1. The overall quality of the lake water in order to determine the need for water treatment
  2. How you will generally use the water
  3. The average cost of an artesian well in the area

Sewer sump pump

Because these pumps usually work in very difficult environments, we use robust pumps with mechanical switches to ensure a maximum lifespan.

Zoeller sewage sump pump

Feel free to contact us to determine what pump best meets your needs!